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Situational decision-making

What is situational decision making? Learn how to make effective, pragmatic decisions or choices suitable for your organisation’s unique circumstances.

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Perfect for:

People Professionals
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You’ll learn how to:

  • identify different options and their associated risk and benefits
  • determine how different options align with your professional principles and values
  • understand how evidence and context affect decision-making
  • appreciate how to adapt to new insights, circumstances, or change.

About this course

Course length: Four to six hours

Delivery: Online, self-directed

Suitable for: All people professionals, at all stages


This course is included as part of the Core Learning Subscription.

Topics covered

  • getting started with situational decision-making
  • assessing the situation
  • comparing options
  • evaluating outcomes
  • responding to changing circumstances.

What to expect from this ‘situational decision-making’ course

The course is aligned with The Profession Map's eight core behaviours. Learn more about these behaviours here.

You’ll learn about the four aspects of situational decision-making. You’ll also discover the role of evidence and context in our decision-making and how to balance opportunity with risk.You’ll learn how to analyse whether decisions result in the desired outcomes, and how this should inform future decision-making. This will help you adapt to changing circumstances and provide a quick and effective response.

What you’ll need to do on this course

This course has five lessons which you can access online at a time that suits you. You can work through the lessons at your own pace and in the order you choose. Each lesson is between 30-45 minutes long and includes reflective and community activities to help you embed your learning​

What you’ll get on this course

Taking part in this course gives you access to the CIPD Learning Hub for 12 months. Here, you can access your course content together with other valuable resources and tools. When you finish your course, you can enjoy an additional 12 months of access to other resources on the Learning Hub.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this ‘situational decision-making’ course’ you’ll be able to:

  • make well-judged decisions by considering all available evidence
  • consider different options and make decisions by balancing opportunity, risk, and fit with professional values
  • demonstrate your commitment to evaluating the outcome and impact of your decisions to inform your future approach
  • adapt your decisions and practices to account for changes to the business environment.

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